Turquoise ~ December’s Birthstone

Happy Holidays!!! I know you are all out running around trying to finish up your holiday gift shopping, but let’s not forget about all those special Babes in your life with a December birthday!!!  I know I am guilty of sometimes giving a ‘less than’ birthday gift in December because Christmas is so close to birthday time….but lets face it, that is cheating!! LOL.

We need to celebrate these December birthdays with as much gusto as we do our for our friends and loved one’s with birthdays that fall outside the busy holiday season!

So, what to gift these December Birthday Babes??  Well, for starters, jewelry! Turquoise is the birthstone of this glorious holiday month, and we have some special rings in the shop that are sure to bring a smile.

Here is a sampling of some of the turquoise rings currently available in the shop. Just click on the photo to open a link to the shop!  Happy Shopping!!!

Turquoise Trio



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