What is the Pantone 2017 Color of the Year?

Introducing Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year ~ Greenery ~


Pantone describes this fresh green shade as a “zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew”. Hmmm, nature, spring, revitalization, all of these descriptions have me dreaming of a change in the season!

Just picture those first few plants sprouting up through the soil, the very first sign that warmer weather, sunny skies, and longer days are on the way.           Greenery is a hopeful shade that makes us yearn for the promise of new beginnings.minisprouts

Designers across the globe wait anxiously for Pantone to announce the upcoming year’s shade and as always, we will be seeing Greenery used prolifically in design choices ranging from home décor to fashion.  Already we are seeing this vibrant color which has been described as a mix of lime & peridot, make it’s was down runways and not just in clothing but nail color, eye shadow and of course JEWELRY!


I know some of you reading this are saying “GREEN????” and trust me, I understand.  Green isn’t everyone’s first choice when they think of fashion, but honestly, if you think of green as natures neutral, it becomes much easier to embrace. Just imagine a garden in full bloom. Green is the background to all of the luscious flowering pops of color.    See, much better!!

And what about jewelry you ask?  Jewelry is an excellent way to embrace this color trend. As I mentioned earlier, this year’s color is a mix of lime & peridot, however, I would like to expand that just a bit. I love the fresh green of Peridot, but there are other gemstones that we should be paying attention to.   And boy oh boy are you going to love what promises to be an easy and beautiful way to indulge in this lively color!!  So many of the gems available in this color range are gorgeous set in your favorite metals.  Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and Copper. Oh, and lets not forget leather, the deep brown shades play well with the garden in bloom. All the earthy colors of nature play right into the bohemian styling that is the backbone of Peacock Gypsies jewelry.

Are you ready? Here we go…

           Chrysoprase                         and                         Chrome Diopside





Although finding the yellow-green coloring pictured here on the left can be difficult, it is definitely worthy of mention ~ Just look at how lush this stone is ~ The stone on the right is the more common coloring and just as lushious!

                                     Jadeite    jadeite

And of course, we have our beautiful friend


Be sure to check out all of the shades of green currently available in the shop by clicking here.                                          Lots of new pieces are on the bench that incorporate all the


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Beautiful Green Aventurine Wand Pendent with Crescent Moon & Amethyst Accent
Beautiful Green Aventurine Wand Pendent with Crescent Moon & Amethyst Accent

Unakite Heart Pendant




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