My Current Inspiration & Obsession

What inspires you? For me, as a jewelry artist, my go to inspiration is nature itself. When I can take a walk or hike and just be at one with my surroundings. To breath in fresh air and to let the outdoors just seep into my soul. I find that something awakens deep within me when I’m able to brush away the grind of daily life and soak in all of what mother nature provides. My focus returns, my thoughts clear, and my muse returns.

Right now, with winter in full swing, it gets a little more difficult to trek outside. My longing grows strong knowing that spring is just around the corner, and I must look within the confines of the inside world to find my muse. That dear friends is when I turn to my beautiful rocks, seashells and gemstones.

Currently I am obsessed with the beauty of Labradorite. It’s beautiful play of color reminds me of rainbows, the Aurora Borealis, the forest floor, and even the churning winter sea. This stone is so versatile it literally exudes beauty!


The array of colors this beautiful stone comes in is intoxicating and definitely will my stir muse out of hiding!!  My mind is racing just thinking of the possibilities in this little grouping and I cant wait to introduce you to what these beauties will transform into!  I can tell you that right here in this one shot, you are looking at pendants, rings, and a cuff!!!

Find these labradorite treasures in the shop to take home for you very own…

Click on the photo to shop these bohemian inspired treasures!!

Bohemian Jewelry by Peacock Gypsies

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