What kind of hat do you wear?

Read This!!! Love Love Love this post by Being Margaret, if your not following her you should! Happy Monday!

Being Margaret


Recently, I came to the realization that I think with the right side of my brain. OK, well, that’s not entirely true. I always knew I had an artsy side and was more emotional and compulsive than the average, female, hot mess. But, it was not until my early 50’s that I admitted to myself and acknowledged that yes, I am a right sided thinker.

It’s not that there is anything odd or unusual about a person who ignores the left side of their brain. It’s just that by acknowledging that you are indeed a creative person, you subconsciously end up putting pressure on yourself.

What am I, an artist? A Writer? An actress or filmmaker? A musician?

Let’s go back a bit….. By the time I hit my early 50’s, my boys were (for the most part) grown and on their own. I found myself with lots of time…

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