April’s Birthstone

The April Birthstone is…

Not a big surprise here…I’m sure most of you already know the modern birthstone for all you April Babes…you guessed it, DIAMOND! Hmm…did I just miss a April Fools Day prank?  Oh well!!

But did you know the beautiful stone we know today as the ‘engagement’ stone did not become so until about 1930 when the DeBeers diamond mining company started a advertising campaign that is still used today?  How about that little nugget of marketing genius?

I’m not going to get into a whole article about diamonds, you can poke around the internet and learn everything you need to know about the colorless sparkly thing we have come to know as diamond – but, since we are talking birthstones here, I need to tell you there many many more shades of diamond that you may not know about. The most well know of these colorful

varieties is the Hope Diamond, also known as Le Bijou du Roi (“the King’s Jewel”).

Hope Diamond


The variety of shades available has allowed jewelers to match color names with what’s in vogue, much like the fashion industry does when introducing “new” colors: champagne (brown), pumpkin (orange), canary (yellow), etc.  Yet again a marketing ploy to encourage us to buy these beautiful gems!! LOL

But who could resist these beauties…



In keeping with our monthly theme…here are the alternative birthstones for April

The traditional birthstone for April is Sapphire ~ remember all the different colors that sapphire comes in?sapphire-colors



The birthstone associated with the zodiac signs for you April babes are

Aries which we learned last month has a birthstone of Bloodstone


and Taurus whose birthstone is Emerald.

Emerald in the rough

More on this beautiful birthstone next month!!

Happy April !!  Remember to check back each month to explore all the different varieties of birthstones.

Check out the shop for birthstone jewelry, sure to please!

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