What is Your Beautiful?

What do you find beautiful?
For some, beauty lies within the esthetic, in the perfect shape, or the perfect color, or the perfect pitch.
For those inspired by nature, often times ‘beautiful’ comes from a little different perspective. When you experience the raw power of nature, you are using all of your senses, not just your eyes.

My favorite thing in life is to take a walk in the woods in early fall, right after the first rain. The smell is intoxicating, the colors are vivid, the mist settling on my skin and making the whole world around me glisten, the sounds of my steps crunching in the leaves, this invigorates me.

I find beauty in the very things that sing to my soul and make my soul sing back. And that my friends allows one to find great beauty and perfection in natures imperfections.

As a jewelry artist, I try to incorporate the beauty of nature in every piece I create. One of the reasons I started working in the medium of electroformed jewelry was the very earthy and organic feel of the metal formed to stone. But I also love the fact that you can create using found objects. That’s why you will see me incorporating seashells, leaves, feathers, beach glass and a myriad of other treasures into many of my creations.

Copper itself is such an earthy element. I mean, yes, of course it comes from the earth so by it’s very nature copper is earthy. But what makes it so unique is that it is the only metal strong enough in its natural state to be used in jewelry. No need to alloy it with another metal to make it strong. Did you know that sterling silver is alloyed with copper for strength? That’s right, copper is a powerhouse metal! I think that is another great attribute of electroformed jewelry!!

I created this fluorite crystal pendant quite awhile back. To me, the very earthiness of the raw amethyst crystal cluster and copper mixed with the smooth lines of the fluorite crystal created harmony between the pairing. When she was all done, I noticed that the fluorite was not perfectly polished and smooth. There were some imperfections in her.


While that very much appealed to my sense of beauty, I was worried my tribe would judge her little imperfections and find her unworthy. So, I put her in a box and hid her away where it was safe.
Well, her little siren’s song has been floating out to me lately, pleading to me to let her perfectly imperfect beauty shine. How could I deny nature herself?

So, I will be listing her in the shop this weekend, hoping that you too will find perfection in the imperfection.
Love and Light tribe 💗


Uniquely Handmade Jewelry ~ Inspired by Nature || Peacock Gypsies


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