A New Collection is On The Way!!!

If you follow Peacock Gypsies on Instagram, your likely to have seen the little hints about the new collection being released on October 5th to celebrate the Harvest Moon.

I am so excited to share this new collection of nature inspired treasures with you I can hardly contain myself! I’ve been conjuring some serious magick in the studio and will have some really cool designs to share with you. But between now and then…  I will share one little hint… My main inspiration has come from that beautiful silvery light in the night sky.

Yes, Luna has once again been my muse. Silver, Copper, Crystals and all types of different gemstones. I think your going to love it!

☽♥☾   ☽♥☾   ☽♥☾   ☽♥☾  ☽♥☾

So stay tuned here for some teasers of what is to come. Its going to be AMAZING!


Love and Light Tribe


Peacock Gypsies || Uniquely Handmade Jewelry ~ Inspired by Nature







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