A Beginner’s Guide To The Phases of The Moon

A great little article by Hecate Tarot about the phases 🌙🖤🌙


A beginner's guide

At first, understanding the different phases of The Moon can seem overwhelming.

There are two things that it’s important to bear in mind as you begin to get to grips with this knowledge.

  1. It’s unlikely that this will seem new to you, even if you’ve never read about it before. Humans on Earth have looked up to the skies for guidance for as long as they have had eyes with which to gaze, and you are a tiny little speck on a long line of ancestral heritage – most of which, will have been heavily influenced by the moon and her cycles. This knowledge lays deep within most of us, waiting to be unlocked and reclaimed (even more so if you identify as female), and as such, you may feel a sense of familiarity as you learn more. Try to treat this education as a remembering, rather than a learning of brand…

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