Crystals, Gems, and Stones…Oh My

Hey Tribe!!

Just a quick HELLO and a moment to share my latest fascination. You know I’m totally addicted to my crystals, gems, rocks and stones. Lately I have been delving into crystal grids which is aiding in my studies of gems, minerals, and crystals. I have started a gem profile journal (aka my Grimoire) and thought I would share some of the designs I created this past week.
Blue Skies Crystal Grid

There are great resources if you are interested in learning more about creating your own grids and I will share some links later in this post.

I don’t know about you, but my stones call out to me. No, really!  Usually before I start designing a piece of jewelry I need to spend some time with the crystal or stone before I begin. This process may take a minute or a week, or years. No, that wasn’t a typo…I honestly have stones I picked up years ago that haven’t spoken to me other than to grab my initial attention. When I am designing, I start out by holding the gem and then looking at it closely from every angle. I move it to different places in my studio to study the way it plays in different lighting. All the while, waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be.  If I’m patient and quiet, we usually come to a mutual agreement.

I have experienced the same thing while creating these grids.

Citrine Sunshine Cuff by Peacock Gypsies


While they aren’t what would be considered traditional geometrical grids, they are set with intention and purpose. Intuitively creating patterns that will work and balance the energy in a way that flows. This style just feels right to me, at least for now.



I am creating my grids around a specific piece of jewelry.  Intentionally choosing a color palette, but not any particular stones. This is where I really listen to the crystals.

The visual impact of each palette is a great way for me to learn about the variety of stones in a color family and also keeps me organized while I note all of the properties of each stone. As a jewelry designer knowing the hardness of each stone (Mohs Scale) is very important, but also knowing the color, luster and native habitat of the stone is equally important. I also note the common metaphysical properties, the astrological sign it associates with and any magical properties. And of course because I am me, I’m also recording the Goddess(es) most commonly associated with the stone.

Amethyst & Rose Quartz Pendant by Peacock Gypsies

I hope you don’t mind that I’m bringing you along on my personal journey!

I promise to give you some great info on crystals and even some cool photo’s you can share on Pinterest and Instagram!!

Oh, and those links I told you about are here:

About Crystal Grids~

Good Witches Homestead

The Aligned Life

My favorite grid inspirations~

Woodlights Woudlicht



As always, Love and Light~




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  1. Amber

    Love the grids and following along with your progress! Can’t wait to see what amazing artistic jewelry coolness you make next.

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