New Moon New Beginnings

New Moon, New Beginnings and some BIG news!

The timing just seems too perfect not to take this leap… so I would like to share with you all my new beginning. But first, a little bit on how I got to this rebirth.  Last spring I underwent pretty major surgery that left me recovering through the end of summer. I couldn’t work in the studio; in fact I was laid up with little mobility…left with no more than my thoughts and dreams. I realized that something was off. I wasn’t connecting with my art and I didn’t feel like my business was reflecting who I was.  Honestly that disconnect was present long before, I just wasn’t able to really slow down enough to recognize what was going on. We humans are always in such a hurry!!

Peacock Gypsies was born in a time of great turmoil & pain in my personal life. It was a birthed in death, loss, grief, determination, and brute strength. The strength you gain from complete devastation. Where you either curl up into a ball & give in to the darkness, or you turn your face to the light and move toward it. Its birth gave me a direction when there seemed no hope & it gave me courage to dream again. In fact without it, I would not be where I am today. It gave me what I needed to grow into the woman I am now, but my journey has transcended and it is time for that rebirth…

After months of reflection, research, and tons of work…..I finally came up with a plan to reconcile my life, my art, and my business. When all the pieces started fitting together I knew that I had made the right decision. If your still reading, by now I’m sure you wondering what I’m about to drop on you…so here goes.  I am super excited to announce my new beginning… The Amethyst Moon you can also find me on Instagram @the.amethyst.moon

A new IG account, website, online store, and a blog that will take you behind the scenes in my studio and also offer lots of fun info on a variety of subjects. The vibe over there is a little different too!  There is still plenty of nature inspired jewelry, but I also have an offering of crystals, gemstones, and home décor. I hope you will all come on over and check things out, I think you will like what you find!!!

For now, this site will stay up, but I hope that you will come check out my new beginning and join my on my continued journey.  Just click here to take a peak: The Amethyst Moon

Love and Light my friends!


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