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May Giveaway!!

It’s May, the month of my birth…and to celebrate I am hosting a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram!!! Each platform has it’s own pendant or ring to choose from, so there are really two ways to win! Go ahead and check it out, enter to win…and good luck! Facebook:Click here to enter the Facebook Giveaway […]


Sneak Peek!

Just a little sneak peek of some of the beautiful new pieces slated to hit the shop this Sunday!  These nature inspired pendants and rings are created using a method called Electroforming ~ I like to call it Alchemy ~ Interested in learning more about Electroforming? Stay tuned for a new blog post that will […]


Purple, How I Love Thee

Well, I was going to title this little post Purple Haze…but I didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea on exactly what I would be writing about…This is not about the awesome musician Jimi Hendrix…and it’s not about a certain type of contraband…LOL… It is simply about my favorite color…Purple. I LOVE color, just about […]